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Whether or not you know your ailment or not biofeedback is a device that sends millions of frequencies through the body and monitors the response to what frequencies your body needs in order to heal. Basically, your body writes it's own program to heal. Remarkable!

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RFT  Resonant Frequency Therapy

Heal all kinds of infections without antibiotics! Works with serious infections, cancer, shingles, sinus, UTI's Strep, MRSA, etc. This form of Rife technology uses specific frequencies that resonate to knockout all types of diseases from A to Z.

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A gentle hands-on technique that reboots the nervous system and resets the immune system. Helps with most types of pain, illnesses, and anxiety. Great for chronic and acute pain as well as sports injuries.

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Workshops and Private Sound Sessions


*Sound Healing and Meditation - Private or Group

*Bowen Group Healing Sessions

*Clarity Breath Sessions - Private or Group

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Allergy Elimination

Yes, allergies can really go away without the use of drugs or allergy shots! Easy, simple and effective treatment. It really works!

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Clarity Breathwork

Clear negative thoughts and patterns. Heal pain, disease, anxiety and boost confidence and self-worth with miracle breath sessions.  

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Healing with chiropractic can help alleviate most types acute and chronic pain, headaches, injuries, TMJ and improve the body's overall well-being. 

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Full Spectrum CBD Oil Available

Using the purest and most potent full spectrum CBD oil I could find!

Benefits: Helps with chronic pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, cancer and more.  

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Dr. Ling has been such a blessing to my family! He's treated all of my kids and myself. We've been seeing him for a few years now and he has helped so much! I recommend him to everyone!

Teresa P.