Vibrational Medicine

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Dr. Ling's patient receives RFT  Resonant Frequency Therapy treatment

RFT  Resonant Frequency Therapy

 We have been using this breakthrough Rife technology for some time now and having amazing success healing allergies, sinusitis, all kinds of infections, shingles, auto immune disorders, endocrine imbalances and even some cancers. This technology was discovered back in the 40's by Dr. Royal Rife and made national headlines for discovering the end to cancer, tuberculosis and other diseases.

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Let's Beat Cancer.

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Balancing energies on a client  with Bowenwork


Discovered in Australia, Bowen therapy is a gentle hands-on technique that stimulates activation points within the nervous system.  The result is that it harmoniously integrates the network of communication within the body that is necessary for the body to heal properly. It's one of very few techniques that I've ever seen that can be able to do this. Chiropractic, massage therapy, physical therapy, reiki and acupuncture do not re-start the body's own healing mechanism like Bowen Therapy.  

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UsingTibetan bowls to clear unwanted negative energy and tune the body

Sound Healing

Sound healing is powerful, effective, relaxing and fun! Using the didgeridoo, guitar, gong, and Tibetan bowls to clear unwanted negative energy and tune the body to function harmoniously. Sound healing opens and aligns chakra centers while giving one a sense of peace and restoration. It has been known to clear anxiety, depression, heal pain, and trigger memories long since forgotten.

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Creating the correct frequencies in the body using biofeedback


Biofeedback is amazing! It is a highly sensitive instrument that uses your own body's feedback to create the correct frequencies, not only to help figure out what your condition is. but also is used to heal virtually any condition that you are experiencing. This remarkable instrument is being used to heal disease and infections more effectively than drugs and antibiotics.

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Clients lying on the floor performing circular/connected breathing

Clarity Breath

Experience this accelerated healing modality that naturally releases energetic blockages, providing long-lasting healing at the root cause. Conscious Breathwork is an extremely powerful technique based on circular/connected breathing. By connecting with your higher self and source energy, you will be able to access expanded states of consciousness, where clarity and insights are able to shine through. Experience major shifts and healing in just one session! You will be lying down for most of the session, please bring anything to make you more comfortable (pad, blanket, pillow, eye mask, etc.) No experience required.

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Clients lying on the floor performing circular/connected breathing


Over 21 years Chiropractic experience using gentle effective techniques including, muscle testing, nutrition, traditional and non-traditional therapies and techniques. Addressing spinal subluxations and surrounding neuro-muscular connections to re-align and restore the body's nervous system.

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Clients lying on the floor performing circular/connected breathing

HALE Full Spectrum CBD Oil

    Promotes Inner Calm

Improves Sleep

Reduces Inflammation of Digestive system

Supports a Healthy Immune System

Promotes Positive Outlook

For Occasional Irritation/Soreness due to Physical Activity

Enhances Joint Health

Scientists have discovered we have a biochemical communication system throughout our body called the Endocannabinoid system.  Which means we have receptors that specifically respond to cannabis!  This is why cannabis such as Hemp/CBD oil works so well!

To order call or text Dr Greg Ling at 616-844-1416.

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